Business Line

We facilitate

  • Business Partnerships
  • Assists Foreign companies in establishing a foothold in India



  • Support Newly Exporting Companies
  • Diagnosis on the current global competence level and help in strengthening it.
  • Support in sales & marketing.
  • Support for participation in exhibitions.


  • Create New Opportunities, discover new business area
  • Support business for cultural contents introduction to Indian markets.
  • Support in Inquiry Management by connecting with the prospective buyers, and follow-up management up to the contracting stage.


  • Provides market Information
  • Global market research.
  • Presentation, meetings and consulting service for customers in Indian as well as Global markets.


  • Provide Infrastructure support to Strengthen global competitiveness
  • Training program
  • Global personnel business


  • Foster Global Partnership


  • Support in Expanding Foreign Enterprises Business in Overseas markets
  • Global Partnering Project